Kyle Bobby Dunn - Kyle Bobby Dunn & the Infinite Sadness 8.8

                The pristine beauty of spacious skies is celebrated on “Kyle Bobby Dunn & the Infinite Sadness”. Incredibly calming Kyle Bobby Dunn makes a soundtrack to life. Without percussion just gentle melody these songs serve as a gentle balm to the harshness that reality presents on a fairly regular basis. Longevity is important to Kyle Bobby Dunn’s pieces. Every single one offers the listener yet one more chance to escape for minutes at a time.
                Happiness introduces the album on “Ouverture De Peter Hodge Transport”. This is the happiness that comes immediately following a terrible event, the realization, the calm, and then the joy. Even the final moments of the track with screaming happy children reflect the content nature of the piece. “Rue De Guy-Mathieu” is by far the highlight of the collection. Guitar shimmers across the landscape. Here it is the minor details: hearing the crisp crackle in the background gives the track additional power. When the volume finally gets turned up the song becomes absolutely celebratory akin to fireworks getting set off far in the distance.
                “Mon Retard” is reminiscent of a long trip going to nowhere in particular. It sweeps forth and moves as a blur taking everything in quickly. Whispers emanate from “Macleod (And the Victims of Deception)” making it one of Kyle Bobby Dunn’s most subdued pieces, no mean feat for someone who typically works in areas just beyond perception. Towards the end Kyle Bobby Dunn offers the listener yet another highlight “Those Satisfactions are Permanent”. Focusing on the gradual build of the piece allows the piece to positively bloom for its final few moments. Closing with a pun on his name “And the Day is Dunn (And I Can Only Think of You)” an unusual element of percussion is introduced at the very end serving as a mechanical stomp to make it a particularly visceral finale.
                “Kyle Bobby Dunn & the Infinite Sadness” is a deeply comforting album the kind of thing to spend an afternoon with.